Covid is not going away. We need to set up permanent safe guards for our staff and customers.

Many businesses have opened and were forced to close again. Businesses had staff and customers testing positive for the Covid virus. This makes us vulnerable to law suits from our customers and staff. Some businesses have hired additional personnel to stand out front and take each person’s temp with devices that require personal handling. This is expensive and may not allows be correct.


That is why we have partnered with the most reliable and easy to use Body Temp Scanner. Save the cost of personnel and commit to long term safety for your staff and customers!

Here are some High Lights of our Temp Scanner and facial Recognition:

  • Non-contact, fully automated 1 second temperature scanner 
  • Contactless infrared temperature detection
  • Rapid face recognition: less than 1s
  • Face Recognition with/without mask
  • Large-capacity face database
  • Alarming System
  • Multiple industry applications
  • Peripheral expansions
  • Customized for multiple interfaces
  • Flexible installation
  • IP 65 waterproof & dustproof