Our Website and Company Branding Services-

Anyone can create a website…

… but not everyone can create a properly branded online business


We have a wide range of services including Logo Design, Website Design & Development, Domain / Hosting, Digital Marketing, Mobile Application Development and Video Animation, and SEO, Our company’s dedication and quick responses can get you what you want within your deadline.

All Sites are responsive to accommodate the mobile revolution. When we are finished and the site is launched, you will have the following functionality:

  • The ability to add, edit and delete content. You will be able to create pages, insert images and edit content through an intuitive administration area.
  • Your site’s code will be perfectly optimized for search engines. Google will be informed of any changes you make to your site and new content will usually be indexed within 24 hours.
  • Your site will be marked up with standards compliant code wherever possible.
  • The website will be created with the smallest, fewest number of files possible and it will be properly cached ensuring maximum speed.
  • You will have complete access to your site’s visitor statistics, to see how they reached the site, their geographical location, how many pages they viewed, etc.
  • Your contact page will include a form which will send a message to your email once submitted.
  • The website will be responsive so that it adapts to the device the visitor is using (mobile, tablet, laptop, etc.) and will display the website in the most legible and usable way possible.
SEO turns the site into a MONEY maker not just for Information purposes

You have to be extremely careful with SEO because what works one day can count against you the next.

Taken that you’ve got the on-page SEO correct you only need two things: quality content and quality relevant links pointing to that content.

Unfortunately, we can’t promise any particular positions within the search engines for certain search terms (and I would be extremely cautious of any SEO company who makes such promises). However, we will provide you with a monthly report of the linking activity and the resulting ranking for the targeted terms in Google.

We always like to do it on a month by month basis so that you can see the results of the research (correct targetting of keywords), the work (number and quality of links to be built), and the results (higher ranking in the search engine results) in a monthly report.